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Western Electric/AT&T 20-tube coaxial cable, 44-inch length

This cable, three inches in diameter and weighing about nine pounds per foot, was a high-capacity communications medium used on some major AT&T Long Lines routes.

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ca. 1970

Western Union Desk-Fax facsimile machine

Used to transmit images of telegrams between institutional subscribers and Western Union offices, eliminating the need for messengers.

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ca. 1952

Western Electric/AT&T microwave systems combining network for dual 6 GHz waveguides (quantity: 2)

These networks, mounted near the base of the tower (one network per antenna), allowed a single horn-reflector antenna to transmit or receive horizontally and vertically polarized signals simultaneously, doubling the number of radio channels an antenna could carry, resulting in increased network capacity.

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ca. 1960

Western Electric 634A ringer

Before bells ("ringers") were built into telephones, they were housed in separate boxes.

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Book, "Principles of Electricity Applied to Telephone and Telegraph Work", 1938 edition

A training text for AT&T technical personnel.

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AT&T Long Lines Plant Operational Error "scoreboard"

Displayed the number of mistakes made by technical personnel at a Long Lines facility in Pennsylvania; illustrated with a hand-drawn motivational poster.

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Completed Specifications files from AT&T Long Lines microwave station, Jackie Jones Mountain (Stony Point), NY (approx. 30 binders)

Documents describe modifications to the station and its equipment.

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Wall thermometer with safety slogan "Condition Your Driving to Driving Conditions"

Demonstrates the Bell System's emphasis on safety in all types of activities. From the Jackie Jones Mountain, NY station.

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Tower lighting controller, electromechanical, Hughey and Phillips

Typical of equipment which operated the red aircraft warning beacons on telecommunications towers. Features a motor-driven "see-saw" mercury switch to flash the beacon.

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Western Electric 416B vacuum tube

A microwave triode instrumental in the development of the Bell System's nationwide TD-2 (4 GHz) microwave radio network.

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ca. 1953

Western Electric K-carrier line amplifier

Repeater equipment for an analog frequency-division multiplexed wire-pair cable carrier system widely used in the Bell System's long-distance network for many years.

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